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Photo by Agata Gri

About me

Quite early on in my career I had the great luck to meet leading fashion photographers while assisting at Spring Studios in Kentish town, London. I was inspired to push myself creatively and professionally to fulfill the vision of beautiful and confidant woman.

Whilst taking part in the artistic London scene I collaborated with the Museum of Everything for a few projects. Most most memorable, was a trip to Russia to discover artists. The project at Tate Modern celebrating it’s 10th anniversary resulted in a published book, available at the Museum of Everything.

After years in London, I moved to Suffolk for a quieter family life, and here I am looking to collaborate with local fashion businesses, especially those focused on sustainability. I celebrate the beauty of every woman and am available for personal bookings, be it a family setting or a personal portrait in a serene Suffolk landscape. Drop me an email or give a cal for a friendly chat.